a try

We would never know what’s inside the heart of others. Sometimes they show the real one, but mostly, they act the opposite. Their mind is strange, none can understand. Though close each other, but still, each had a secret. Secret that we can’t understand less we’ve told about it.

When that secret is entrusted to us, our mouth must be sealed. We’re bound to an unwritten promise that we’ll never tell anyone about it. Trust, something hard to give. Trusting someone, mean that we relieve ourself to them. Put ourself in some place spotted by someone we know, no place to hide.

I try harder in trusting someone. Not so easy when you open yourself to anyone. Some say “don’t throw your garbage into same the basket”. May be it’s true. You must have many friends to talk about different things. Your heart will decide who fit for which thing. Just believe in your heart, never dissappoint you.

Me, i found my self difficult to put a trust in someone. Though it’s just a simple thing. I don’t have much frinds to share stories, problems, or happiness. Looks like i’m poor, pity. But somehow, my friends are quite enough to help me when i’m sober. Don’t ever count on what they did to you, just treat them as you wanna treat. Never expect return.

Lately i’m never expecting something happen. But then, some kind of miracle happen. When i’m expecting nothing, i have everything i will. Though a little bit too long, seems like it’s fine. Every part of me was grateful, to find those kind of peoples. Can’t find better than them. Deep inside me, i have so many questions that have no answers yet. May be someday i’ll found it. For now, i will enjoy it.

One by one they have what they desire the most. Thank God! Bless them, give them the best. That was my pray for years. I pray for them, them, people i know, in my past, present, and future. They’re so special, can’t replace. A gift for me, bless for me. Offering help when i need to, place to come when i’m lost, no matter what i do.

A simple world, a simple mind, a simple thought. Never expecting something, it’ll come to you itself on a right time. You could ask, but never force it to happen. Just go with the flow. When you have a hardest time, you can pray. But when the answer doesn’t come yet, don’t be angry. May be it just not the time. God has his own way, not always please human will, not always makes every dreams be true right away. May be you should wait a little while, minutes, hours, days, or even years. Just belive that everything is on your ability to take.

I’ll take everything from the inside

And throw it all away

Cos i swear for the last time

I wont trust my self with you

Not so easy to put trust, i hate to confess, i hate to tell a secret, but i‘ll be full up if i’m not share. We can’t live alone. That’s why we have to learn to share with others.


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