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My Latest Reading

I like reading so much. I’ve bought many novels once I’m in college.

About few months ago, when I still at my old office, I found a title that attract me. Makes me curious what the story is. The title is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Since I’m so interested in vampire story, include Dracula story, I really want to read this Vampire Academy novel. Then, suddenly I made a decision to buy it. And as my guess, the story is amazing. It was only the first of the series is translated into Indonesian.

For about 3 months or so, I forgot that I ever buy that book. While I’m in Surabaya and go to the bookstore to buy new readings, I saw the 2 series had been released, book 2 and 3. From a sudden impulse, I bought those 2 series. Unfortunately, the first series is back in my home in Bekasi. But it didn’t lessen my affection to read the next two series. I found myself can’t stop reading them.

I read until the last page of book 3. It makes me so curious that I don’t want to wait for the next book. Then, I try to find the pdf file [sorry about this part, I have no intention to abuse your copyright Mrs. Mead]. My hunting has been a long journey surfing the Internet. Yet, I only got 4 pdf from 6 series. Still 2 series left. I start to read the pdf of book 4 as soon as I downloaded it. And when it’s over, I feel messy that I still can’t find the last two series. Oh God, I really want to read it.

The journey, I said journey because it is so interesting in finding these last two books, for book 5 is end at the midnight of day when finally I type the correct keywords. I try the same keywords for book 6, but still can’t find the good source.

It’s not that I don’t want to spend much money buying the books, but I still won’t give up searching. Yet, my back up plan is bought the original from one of online bookstore site. But it cost me too much if I have to buy two books. I compromise of just bought the last series. Once I decided and transfer the cost, not so long, I found the trusted source for pdf book6. Ahhh,,, it’s just like a game.

I really recommend these Vampire Academy series. Especially for you who like adventure stories.

Book 1 – Vampire Academy
Book 2 – Frostbite
Book 3 – Shadow Kiss
Book 4 – Blood Promise
Book 5 – Spirit Bound
Book 6 – Last Sacrifice

The stories began with explanation of two different kind of vampire. Good vampire called Moroi, and the bad one called Strigoi. And there is also Dhampirs.

The main characters of the story are best friends like sister, Vasilissa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. Richelle write the story from Rose POV. How the two best friends running from their school and after two years living as school’s fugitive, finally captured by school’s guardian. How those two girls have to pursue their education which is not so easy. Lissa is finding her specific ability, Rose is including the theory of how to protect Lissa and much more skill to fight the Strigoi.

This story isn’t kind of a lot of others. Rose POV is quite unique. Her anger, suspicion, and attempt to protect Lissa were a wonderful chain of plots.

Many plots came to this story. Not to mention love part, the conflict is interesting, provoke you for asking how could this happen? Rose journey to protect Lissa, dealing with her own problem, dragged to other problems. All are dangerous. But still, Rose Hathaway is a tough girl. The toughest girl of all. And she got a boyfriend who really badass. From start to the end, you will enjoy the surprise Richelle given to you. When you think it’s over, then it is not until you read the whole series.

So, enjoy the story.


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