Let’s be Healthy Together

I bet we’re all realizes that cost of health is very expensive. The cost of seeing doctor one time could be for about 50 to hundred thousand, not including medicine.

Take example my friend, A. A goes to see doctor for headache cost her lots. Then she must take advance exam to the hospital for CTs cost her more. Let’s say she spent more than 500 thousand rupiahs.

Another example, B. She got toothache. She goes to see a dentist and spent about 250 thousand. She’s not cure yet, then she’s advice to see her usual dentist that cost her 700 hundred for two hours treatment.

As two examples above, and I have experience myself that I want to keep my healthy as good as I can. I do some common tricks.

  1. Eat breakfast before work, even if it’s just two spoons of rice. Keep my pattern of eating well-organized.
  2. Not drinking coffee when my stomach is empty. Two cups of coffee is enough for a day since I have maag.
  3. Drink enough water each day, prevent me from dehydration.
  4. Since I don’t like jogging, I find another or two ways keeping my body healthy.
  5. Take supplement if I need to.
  6. Not making my body too tired. Take a rest for a while to regain my stamina.

You might covered or join health insurance. But if you’re not, it’s much better to do a healthy life. You might have other tricks to keep you healthy. I’m so thankful that I rarely sick.

Last time I sick, I’m covered by insurance. But now, I haven’t any insurance on my side. I’m intended to join insurance personally, just in case.

So friends, let’s do the good thing for our health sake.

What will you choose??


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