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Jumat Tanpa Semangat

Today is Friday. Usually, we suppose to be happy when Friday’s come. That’s why common phrase “Thank God it’s Friday” is used.

Eh ya, tapi hari ini beneran ga semangat deh. Bukan karena semua pada cuti bersama dan gw engga. Ga tau de kenapa bisa gitu. And today’s rank is 6 of 10. I’m not telling that today was awful, just rather one of my bad days.

Yesterday, I’ve got new assignment. Make many articles for one of my company’s websites. My big boss had teaching me how to make fast article. He said that we’re not paying attention to the content yet, but they’re supposed to be enough keywords. The goal is to create traffic to our website. Once we got the traffic, soon we’ll be recreated and fix the article’s content.

He gives me a try after he gave me an example. I do as he says. My try wasn’t that bad, almost as he desired me to do. Then, I’m making two more articles that day.

Despite of my success yesterday, today was my bad day. I go to work with less spirit than usual. Rather sleepy and my eye is blurring. Right after I turned the pc on, I start to continue my last assignment. The lists were still many. Still need much works and will and creativity to meet the deadline.

After hours, I have made 3 articles of 10 targets per day. Still is too far. And when it’s nearly time to go home, my boss messaging me that I had miss few principles of making article. Hmm.. my fault. He checks my yesterday’s results and recent articles I made. He lists all of my mistakes.

I’d rather shock. But then, after he told me all of my mistakes, he did apology and telling me not to take it to mind if he reminds me. I didn’t expect that apology. I tell him I’ll just recheck and fix the mistakes. I take it in mind firstly, but then I realize that if we never knew we’ve made mistake, how could we get better in anything? I’m overwhelmed. His critic makes me better than I was. So how could I take it in mind?

I promise myself to do better tomorrow. I try to reach daily target step by step. Yesterday was 3. Today was 3. Tomorrow would be 4 or 5. Implement the suggestions I’m given.


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