My Treasures

Just now, I remember the phrase:

We never knew what we treasure until we lost it

familyThat phrase is right in many ways. Not only just belonging that we treasure, but all of our relatives, friends, colleagues.

I’d rather miss my time back when I was in JC. I live with my aunt and her sons. I called her 3 sons dinos. That 3 dinos often disturbing me and very annoying. But now, when I’m finally back to my hometown, I kind of miss them.

I remember that I often angry and feel irritated. We’re involve in small fight, arguing, laughing, just like every ordinary family did. May be I was childish and still? Dunno.

Yesterday, when I’m dinner with my mom, I feel de ja vu is waving me away on that moment. Back then, me and those dinos army used to eat together. Sharing every fish, sambal, meat, rice, and everything we’ve got at the time.

Yeah, those time are my treasures. I miss them. I wish this lebaran I could meet them.

So, keep your treasure safe. You won’t know when will you lost them.


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