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Car Flannel – First Try

Here we go again.

This Sunday morning, I’m intended to finally did my stitching. It’s all about flannel craft that my friend showed me not long ago. This is my first try. My very first car flannel.

First, I made my own pattern. Car pattern to be specific. Why I choose car? That’s because someone asked me. Okay, I accept that challenge.

I draw the pattern to pink flannel. I planned to make 3D car before, but when I realize I hadn’t any dacron to fill, then I just want to try my stitch skill.

I cut the pattern and stitch it. And yeah, after an hour or so, it done!

This is the picture of the car flannel.

kreasi flanel
no wheel, looks like UFO

Not so neat, ay? Hahaha.. I’m lucky I still can do the stitch without even hurting my fingers. Ill try it again until I get the best. Never too late to learn, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Car Flannel – First Try”

  1. hehee….. good job, dear!… not bad for a beginner tho 😉

    bagus2, bisa diteruskan!! \(^_^)/
    oiya lupa ngasi dacron-nya btw ya 😀

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