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Front Seat for Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Last Saturday nearly Ramadhan, I wish to watch Harry Potter 7 Part 2 in cinema.

We’re very lucky, I guess, that this movie is played in our cinema. Since there is tax problem for import movies, about 2 months or so box office movies didn’t play at the cinemas.

And yeah, as preparation I decided to go see it after work. Before going, I click the cinema site to see the schedule. It play in 4 studios. Okey then, I ride full speed to the cinema near my house. I hope I still got the ticket.

Uwaaa,,, when I arrived, people are everywhere. Parents, childrens, teenagers all are around. They intended to watch HP7. OMG!

After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, I got the ticket. Unfortunately, it’s the front seat. Meaning, not so comfort to watch movie on such wide screen in that short distance. Hell! No matter what, I have to. Because this is my last chance. I’ll be so lazy if I have to go anywhere while fasting.

Story goes on
Harry have to face voldy in final battle. The hunting of horcruxes, Snape’s death, Order’s member death, this movie is full of emotion. Snape’s eternally loving Lily. Harry have to surrender so that Voldy can kill him.

The deathly hollow finally united, but the invisibility cloak is not shown up when Harry open the snitch. Lil’ bit different with the book but still fascinating.

Anyway, this last movie of Harry Potter is perfect.

Next turn is Transformer: Dark of the Moon. I hope it still in cinema after Ramadhan.


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