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CS Life – Crazy Day

Hey, it’s me again. Long time no see–oops–long time not talking. Okay, I’ll just write about how crazy my job for the past few weeks.

I work at online store as a junior copywriter for the past 3 months. But then, when one of the employee is resting, I’m becoming the one who handle her job. What is it? Customer service—CS—and product checker.

Me, I was thinking that myself is adaptable, flexible, and can do multiple tasking. Yeah, quite right. Right after Lebaran, my job is handling customer via YM and phone and also direct sale without any training. It’s not my nature to become friendly with others.

For the first, I have to know every product we have promoted on the web. I knew some of the new products but I have to read and learn the older posts of other products. A bit confusing, but I learn fast.

A week goes by and come another week. I made mistakes, of course. But my boss is guiding me. And I get use to it. I’m not getting crazy with this.

The craziest day of me becoming a CS was yesterday. Too many messages asking for detail info and the phone don’t stop ringing. I can’t even talk to my fellaz. Yeah, just reading, answering questions, counting total cost, answering phone calls, yet serving the guests. Oh my.

I still have to learn lots to become good CS. How to answer customer’s complaint, how to ask them for waiting me while I’m answering phone calls or serving the guests? Fiuff. Yesterday was a long day and tiring.

While doing this CS stuffs, little by little I get too far from my origin jobdesc. When I saw the jobdesc notepad, I don’t see any CS things on my list. Still the old jobdesc. I take this responsibility automatically right after my friend asks some times for resting. Yet, my boss didn’t do any revision on those lists. Okay, if nobody is complaining, I’ll just do what I have to do. Serving customer is the most priority.


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