A Thought: Poligami and Analogue

This is just another thought that came to my mind for the sensitive topic appeared in last meeting at my friend’s house. I’m not gonna take sides because each have its own base.

Okay then, the topic is about poligami.


I know well that Islam allow a man to have more than one wife, maximum for 4 wives, called poligami. But that only under strict rules that he can provide his wives the same custody, love; let’s just say everything he own [I hope I’m not wrong in this case].

A friend of mine brought the topic up in response for a love story of my other friend. Yet, I know that he always have every interest and intention to poligami things. I didn’t try to offense his intention, but when he came to bring such an analogue that seems odd to me, I try to explain my view. Though he doesn’t exactly understand what I mean.

This is the analogue:
That a man can divide his love for his 4 wives just like his love for 4 childs.

I think that’s ridiculous. Why is it so? Because I think that those kind of love have a big difference. In my view, love for wife might have a limit. I just don’t hope any of man have this limitation cause I don’t wanna see so many divorces. Since love for our child is everlasting, forever. You’ll never have ex-child. Once he/she is your child, always will be. But in case of wife, you can end a marriage because of something. She could be an ex-wife for many reasons.

But yet, my friend didn’t notice what I’m trying to tell him. The underline that I gave doesn’t hit him very well. He only focused in dividing love. Hell, yeah. I’m not gonna confront him any longer. I feel so irritated that day, so I ended our discussion shortly after he said his last sentence.

It’s not good actually, what I did to just cut out the conversation. But I think, when we made comparison, it has to be equal. And since I feel that his analogue of two kind of love he chose is unequal, I’m not gonna take it. He has to be come up with another analogue to describe his believe. Yet, may be you have another thought on your own.

This is just my personal thinking. Nothing to do with any judgment to agree or disagree in poligami.


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