A Reflection: Alone & Lonely

Alone and lonely are two different things. Not always when we are alone, we feel lonely. But we could feel lonely while we’re surrounded by people. That’s depend on how we see things.


Alone happen to be a condition when we are not with anyone. In some occasion, we need to be alone for a while. Whether to think, to mourn, to celebrate, or else having me time is a blessing. Imagine if we’ve been suffocated but not having some room to breathe. Then what will happen? Collapse, or even die?

Lonely is a different one. It’s not just a condition. It’s very connected with feeling. Like we left by someone we loved the lost mostly left an empty space. That way if we’re so familiar with their existence once we lost them emptiness led us to feeling lonely. It can go for short or long term depends on how we manage the loss. We can be in the middle of people but still not feeling their presence.

I think we’re all need sanctuary where we can free our emotions reveal what’s inside and throw away the pain. After we release all the pain inside, I think we’d rather think clearly for whatever problem happen. A place for us to feel free to cry, laugh no need to be ashamed if we need some space to breathe and relax.

This is just a ramble of me… don’t take it to the heart if you don’t want to. So, enjoy your day!!


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