Watch Your Mouth!!

It seems too correct to say that “your mouth is your tiger” [correct me if I so rudely translate it wrong way]. We better careful about what we said to others.

tigerToday’s events make me realize it. Actually there’re two events that finally make me decide to write this down on my blog. Not that these events were bad enough to others but also make me rethink what have I said before.

What Mother Say and Not to Say to Her Baby

First. It’s nearly my break time from work. As usual, we’ll buy some snack from the jamu seller. It kinda habit that we share news, what happen around neighborhood. Who date who and something light conversations. Today’s topic is—I don’t know how it begin—but my boss suddenly said that she’ll give her baby boy a potion which can make him “strong” when he’s older enough. We all know clearly the implication of the word “strong” before she said “so all the girls willingly put down their pants to satisfy him.” God! How could she say something like that?

Common mother will protect their babies from any harm including harsh languages. Hell, what actually happen to her? Well, I really don’t know how to respond. Her babysitter is mumbling something that she disagrees with her mistress. Who would agree with that?? I thought I lost my senses for a while.

We know that my boss often talk dirty and very blunt in explaining the S thing. But in front of her baby? That’s just seems so wrong. And when I have my break time at 3 pm one of my friends gave comment. She said that “mother’s talk is a pray” and she can’t think that my boss will ever want to do that thing. I keep my mouth shut. Don’t want to make the fire more flame.

That simple statement aiming to be just joke became something seriously considered by us. I know that her baby boy won’t understand what she said. But I have opinion that baby’s brain is absorbing everything from his sight, hearing, smell, touch. If they continue to hear such improper language I’m afraid that they’ll be as much improper person. I’ll stop first event in this point.

mannerTV Show Incident

Second. I used to talk with my friend during work by Twitter. It’s simplest media to have conversation with other beside YM. In the afternoon she said that she’d been upset from something. She doesn’t want to tell me what’s wrong simply just said that I should go check her Twitter status. I said I don’t have much time to read hers and promise her to read it after I got home. And I do read and try to find what makes her upset. It’s about the phrase again!! Can you believe it? What a coincidence.

The matter is we have a live music show on TV every day. I’m familiar with this show and it quite popular among teenager. As a music show, it has hosts, guest stars and definitely a lot of audience. One of the hosts happened to be such a big mouth. I don’t know how he became a host if his talent was so low. He often mocking the guest stars and said rude words during the show. I simply consider his joke is inappropriate and that he must improve his manner and quality of talent. Not to mention how many mistakes and apologies he had made that he always repeat the habit.

In today’s show though, it seems like the show have guest star from abroad that barely understand our language. Obviously that certain host had no manner made some joke which finally had the entire fans of the guest angry. I won’t tell what he said cause I don’t watch the show nor read the so called tragedy on news. That action result many counteract from the guest’s fans which include banning all membership of every IP detected to be from our country. It is a disaster that ONE man can cause such a hate wave for every people in my country. Hell!! Even now he didn’t realize what he’s doing and everyone now is mocking him, bashing him with every rude word they had.

That’s it, what way to better watched our mouth when we wanna say something. May be it’s just slipped from our mouth. But when we realize that it’s wrong, we better admit it and make amend. And also we have to behave in front of people if we don’t want to be the center of hatred. Manner is important in all the way that we do. We should learn from our mistake. Not to repeat it again from time to time, eliminate bad habit.

I’m quite bit irritating now that such a good show—according to public—became the source of hate wave because of only one person. Well then, I better shut my mouth up if I don’t really know the matter of the topic. Avoiding tragedy as far as I could.


2 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth!!”

  1. THIS!!! I can’t hive you a good comment, but I REALLY REALLY AGREED with this. Come on… we should have another host for that music show. There are lot more talented people to welcome a guest from aboard =_=

    Hope the producer of that show will considerate to replace THAT HOST immediately *with anger*

    pizz yow~~ And sorry for my bad bad english TAT

    1. So, so… I bet there are so many talented people for the show.
      And if the producer insist to use that certain host, probably he should teach him how to behave in public appearance.

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