Songs of Heart

spiritToday I decided to make song list which contain songs that make my mood shifted. I rarely attach to specific song for a long time. It’s odd that I can perfectly spell the lyric but absolutely forgot the title. My sister notices it one day and told me so. I just laughed that time. But it’s true. I can easily follow the lyric when the song’s played.

And, my mood today was rather mellow. My favorite internet radio was playing BSB and Westlife songs this noon until afternoon. Well, when I’m on my way home, my playlist is ridiculously mellow too. The hell it happen. I’ll just put a note for each song which influenced me most both spirit or rather fall me down. I only made it top 10 songs though.

1. Sanctuary – Origene

“So free of judgment, this is yours to share with who you wish”

This song is one of sound track of one TV series. Search it and you’ll know what series. It told us that sometime we need a sanctuary, where we can be as free as we can. No need to hide and so free of judgment. So it says.

2. No Body Wants to be Lonely – Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera

“No body wants to be lonely, so why don’t you let me love you”

Just like my other article about alone and lonely, this song is just straight to it. Listen to it when you mellow and somehow you’ll find it cheering you—or rather even drowning you more in distress, just pick one. Take the positive side that when you feel lonely, there’re many people around that ready to love you, care for you.

3. Everyone – BSB

“We’re standing strong cause of what you’ve done”

Yaps! I’m strong because so many thing that happen around me. Take the falling, happy, sad, and everything happen in our life is a gift. Make us even stronger to stand the life. Not stuck and stop, regretting what was or would happen. Just keep your dream as high as it should. I believe we can take the fall and pain. Although it scattered us, the pieces will unite again somehow. It takes time, but it will whole again.

4. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

“It’s now or never! And I ain’t gonna live forever”

Nah, the energetic song ever. This is our fucking life. Don’t let anyone make any decision for you. You’re responsible for yourself. Make mistakes then fix them and never repeat the same. Take any chance you like, try anything interesting you, walk path as you want to. Considering others feeling is important, but in the end you’re the one who take the final decision for your life. If you let anyone decide for you, you might blame him/her when it come to no avail.

5. Change the World – Westlife

“How can I change the world? Coz I’m sure can’t change your mind”

This quite fit in one condition I’ve been experienced back then. That my friends saw me as an intruder of some relationship, accusing for something I didn’t do. Well I DO explain them what really happen in my version but they obviously still didn’t believe me. So, I just let that continue. I won’t force them understand me, only they can change their POV about me. It takes them long enough to realize what really happen, and that we’re friend again.


6. Incomplete – BSB

“But without you all I’m going to be is incomplete”

This is the mellow one of all. I won’t take much to this song. It depends on our situation to have an impression of this song. That it’s about partnership, friendship, familiarity, humanity, so universal. So, which one you take?

7. Closer to Me – Five

“I don’t think you understand what you’re doing to me”

This one is mellow too, very easy listening. I can’t describe what’s exactly in my head when I listening this song. Just a “carried away” thought I guess.

8. White Flag – Dido

“There will be no white flag above my door, I’m in love and always will be”

That’s sweet. I’m relating it with never give up on everything we believe. It will be fruit one day. And if it isn’t any fruit, perhaps you must see it different way. There’s nothing useless in what we’re doing in surviving for life—it’s just my opinion, eh.

9. More Than Words – Westlife

“More than words is all you have to do to make it real”

This is an old song. Don’t just make a plan but DO the plan you’ve made. Planning without doing is nothing and doing without planning is reckless. Haha!!

10. One Step at A Time – Jordin Sparks

“One step at a time, there’s no need to rush”

This is the wisest suggestion for me. Take it one step at a time. If you can handle it, then you may take another step. Sometimes we take a step backward to only move more steps forward.

That’s my top 10 mood song for today. Take the up and down wisely. Don’t overreact about what happen—it’s easy to say than do! And yeah! It’s my life. I’m allowed to make my own mistakes. Other will tell me what’s best but only me who knew well what really I am. I’m so grateful for my life.


2 thoughts on “Songs of Heart”

  1. We share 99% taste of music. I love almost all song from this playlist. Well… It’s kinda mellow from my point of view, but I like it. Especially this song “No Body Wants to be Lonely – Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera” Every time I fell down or sad, I always sing this song 🙂

    nice songs, nice playlist. Love it 😀

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