How to Release Tension from Work

Yo, this is another rambling of me. This is about how to release tension you get from work. Before you continue to read, this writing is solely from my own. So, if you’re interested, you may go through, if not, well, you still may to read 😀 Enjoy!

So, work can be a lot of hell. No matter what position you’re in: an office boy, a boss, secretary, babysitter, teacher, etc. Any type of work has its own pressure that can make you going through a good or bad day. So, what if you really need a release? Ways below can be applied to have at least some time to refresh yourself.

1.    Have a bath
Bath time, especially after a long day work, has its own appeal. Warm water, bubbly soap, and some aroma therapy can be good things to throw away your stiffness. You can soak in a bathtub while listen to soft music, or reading (just don’t soak your book or newspaper with you, that will be bad) help you relax.

2.    Doing hobbies
Everyone have at least a hobby, one thing that interests you and makes you easily forget what cause you a headache in a first place. That could be gardening, crafting, painting, sketching, reading, singing, or just laying lazily ;))

Taking one day off of work won’t be hurt especially when you really stuck with it and not having time for yourself. Doing things you like will refresh your mind and when you get back to work, you’ll feel energized, full of spirit, and may be come up with some ideas to fasten your work. Sometimes idea does come in a very unexpected place and time.

3.    Hang out with friends
This activity helps you strengthen your friendship with your colleagues. For example, goes to karaoke together, or watching now playing movie, or just dinner in some restaurant. A group activity outside working field can enhance your understanding about your colleagues. Maybe you find him/her annoying at work, but when you guys hang out together, he/she might be a nice person to know. Some people build different personality while at work or in public and private. Building an image for your self is hard to do, and maintain it would be harder. That’s why company always has an outing family day in order to get to know each other better.

4.    Taking your leave
Ordinary, as an employee, we have 12 days leave. Some people use them a day each month, or take them few days in a couple months. Anyhow, those days are for you to use as much fun as you can. You can keep it for special occasion, may be planning vacation somewhere that needs a full week, or few days to celebrate your wedding anniversary, or else. That’s a way make you sane when you come to office after.

5.    Shopping
This is not recommended but some people find it god for a distraction. Why’s it not recommended? First, you’ll have spent lots of money. Second, that’s not a very productive thing to do, least you need some things urgent. 😀

release tension at work

Anyway, you can use this time to buy an interesting reading, some material for your crafting, basic essential for daily life, or well, just anything you like. Visiting new shop in town might worth your time. See if there’s a counter didn’t find at your usual shop. Visiting new place means that you’re able to meet new people thus widen your knowledge and get new acquaintances. In the end, this looks rather productive I guess.

Thus far, my best way to keep me sane at work is doing random things to distract me for a while. That would be drawing abstract in a piece of paper, folding paper or should you say origami, surfing web news to get update for what’s trending in the world. While at home, I do chores obviously and reading novel at bed time, consider it as a bed time story. A cup of coffee in the morning helps me keep my spirit up for a day, and taking another cup in afternoon help me erase headache. No scientific research at that though.

Next thing I’d like to do is cooking. I have these 2 best friends to accompany me cooking, or rather they’re cooking while I’m watching and helping them. I want to try us make a full course meal. Any suggestion what we should try to cook? We’re not professional so they have to be simple course.

It’s very tricky to find a way to release tension from work. Just don’t make your day off a disaster. Have a nice night.


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