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Brief Trip to Small Beach with Family

Happy Ied Mubarak everyone!! Time to forgive each other.

So, where were you going for Lebaran Holidays? Going mudik somewhere? Hope your trip was as amazing as mine 😉

As usual, my family went to Purworejo for mudik. It’s a tradition that we have to seek our eldest to ask forgiveness of every mistake we made. The different of this year mudik is if we were used to went right at the Lebaran eve, we’re going at H+1. Suppose that everyone is planning to mudik at H-3 until H+3, since we take H+1 the traffic was so horrible. From Surabaya to Jogjakarta which usually takes time 8 hours on top with car, we’re trapped for almost 12 hours on road. Not to mention there’re so much officers guarding street, the cars volume was just too high. We went at 9 o’clock in the morning and arrived at my grandma’s home at midnight. Jeezz…

Granny’s house is an old house in front of a very large farm. Hell, I really like fresh air. We’re city’s resident rarely had such nice view. In the morning after having breakfast, my brothers asked me to take them to the beach. While still morning I don’t mind at all. And the beach was very near to Granny’s. Perfect.

enjoy the view
enjoy the view

This is just a small beach called Jatikontal. The track’s smooth enough for cars and motorcycle but very narrow. You had to be careful. It takes us about 15 minutes to reach it.

Wooo,, the smell of salt and strong wind and sand, perfect to spent our morning. The best part was the whole family is going even Granny. She looks happy we brought her, she rarely going anywhere far. No transportation plus she’s very old almost 90.

star finger circle
star finger circle
our feet, gues whose who
our feet, gues whose who
one big happy family, say embah

While adults just sitting and watching, feeling the wind blow and enjoy the view, youngsters are playing, taking pictures, catching small crabs. Haha,, it was so fun. Waves so strong and high because of strong wind blow. We saw some people fishing try to catch some shrimp but get small fish instead. Also there’s fisherman’s ships.

Close to 10 am we moved to visit our eldest uncle. That was the best brief trip ever 😀


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