Birthday Speech

happy birthday cake

Dear God,

I thank you for your bless upon me until now and for the rest of my life. There’s no way I can deny your gifts for me.

I thank you for my health and wealth so that I can still always pray to you. Forgive me if I ever miss the pray. From now on, I’ll do the pray on time.

I thank you for blessing me with loving family. Without them, I’m not me.

I thank you for blessing me with friends, who accompany me through my ups and downs. Their supports mean everything to me. I wish them a very wonderful life.

I thank you for blessing me with this age and knowledge, that along with it, I would become wiser, more adult, more optimistic while living the life you give me. I want to be a better person each day.

Please don’t let anything put a doubt in my mind about your blessing that your gifts were not always what I want but always what I need most. Please put every positive energy in me every day to worship you.

Last but not least, please always guide me to the right path. Don’t let me wander too far from your way and get lost. Peace in my heart to know that you will always be there and provide me with every ounce of your blessing even though I don’t like them, sometimes.

I thank you for everything happen in my life. Amen


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